Review: I heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk

I heart xmasTitle: I heart Christmas
Author: Lindsey Kelk
Series: I Heart (#6)
Genre: Chick-lit
Publisher: Harper
Pages: 347
DOP: November 2013
Stars: 4/5

Angela Clark is back and ready to celebrate Christmas in New York, Angela style. But then she gets a new job and Jenny’s got the idea she wants to have babies. If that’s not making her panic yet, Alex decides it’s time to grow up and gives Angela an early Christmas surprise. Louisa shows up with Grace, and her parents invite themselves over for the holidays. Angela’s Christmas promises to fall apart and so Angela does what only Angela does well: ignoring it all.

I stumbled upon this series by a friend’s recommendation a few months back but it wasn’t until the Christmas holidays when I started to read the books, and I fell in love straight away! I couldn’t put them down and once I finally managed to get my hands on a copy of I heart Christmas, it happened all over again.

In this instalment, Angela stays in New York, which differs from the previous five books when she travels to a different city each time. At first, I was a bit sceptical. Why change a vibe that everybody knows (and likes)? We already know New York and we had a Christmas (sort of) there as well. So what could Kelk do to make this one different and still likeable for her fans? The answer is simple: this, and the fact that we already know all the characters, gave Kelk a chance to take it up a notch. The daily drama of Angela’s life is still present but Kelk has added more grown-up related issues in this book. Angela’s story became more developed and kicks away from dramas such as exploding Louboutins (I’m still in shock about that though).

Although some of the issues Angela has to deal with are more evolved, it feels as if she’s stuck, making the same mistakes all over again. She isn’t learning nor growing up. She never seems to realise that the decisions she makes, affect other people too and Alex, bless his perfect little soul, puts up with it every time. I’m sure Kelk does this on purpose but I can’t help but hope that Angela stops making rash decisions or acting spontaneously without thinking of others. Otherwise I fear she might become a flat character and she’s already starting to annoy me. It is easy to hide a flat character if there’s only the one book but in a series, people expect growth and Angela doesn’t do any of that.

Besides that, Lindsey Kelk has a cunning way of making my heart swell with love and warmth for Alex (there’s never enough of him in the books). She makes me snort unlady-like at some of the things Angela gets herself into (something to do with a ventilation system) and she makes me laugh out loud in public, earning me the odd stare. But it’s so worth it! I would recommend the series (and the book!!) in case you haven’t read it yet. It’s fun, it’s heart breaking, it’s sometimes ridiculous (in a good way) and Alex is the boyfriend we all want but can’t find. It’s a great book to settle down with after an exhausting day.


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