Introducing #sunathon

It is finally summer!

Most of you might be on holiday soon, enjoying a well-deserved rest at the beach; others might stay home and have lazy days spend on the sofa, but either way, it is most likely that you’ll have so much time on your hands that you might get a bit bored at some point.

But don’t you worry, there’s a solution!

A few days ago, a new project has been announced by multiple book bloggers called #sunathon and if you like to read, this might be your cup of tea. Or if you don’t like to read, it might be a perfect way to pick up a book (whether it’s a big or small one, it doesn’t matter) and get lost for a week into an epic adventure and discover a whole new world. Because that’s right, it doesn’t matter how many books you read as long as you’re reading! #sunathon has been created by Emma Louise (@EmmalsWriting) and will be running from the 21st of July until the 27th. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, everyone is allowed to join!

I have decided to participate because I haven’t joined anything like this before and since this project is new, I believe it will suit me perfectly. There’s no stress to read a certain amount of books, just some lazy reading in the sun (or rain because I live in Belgium… *doubtful face*). I hope your fingers are starting to itch to pick up a book and read along and I hope to see you back here or on twitter to discuss what you’re reading and how it’s going! Make sure to add #sunathon to your tweets/blogs so everyone knows what you’re up to!

Have a nice #sunathon and spread the word!

P.S. Which books do you think are  perfect for summer reading? I’m putting You’re The One that I want by Giovanna Fletcher (@MrsGiFletcher) on the list but other suggestions are welcome.


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