Writing101: Unlock the Mind

My timer is set. Twenty minutes.

Twenty minutes to write about everything and nothing in particular. My mind is allowed to wander to the strangest places and the fun thing is, it doesn’t have to make sense as long as I’m writing. But still, not having a purpose is strange. How to keep you and myself entertained?

What is the reason behind this book blog? 

I’m not entirely sure if I ever told you about this so I might as well do it now.

Well, it’s a combination of my love for books, my hobby to read and my need to write. First of all, exploring new adventures inside a book is one of the most exciting things in life. When I read, I travel to a new world of characters with their own thoughts and quirks and when a particular story has moved me, there’s a need to share my experience with someone else, to tell them about the book, to open their eyes. And since a few years now, I share my own little stories that creep into my mind to a wider online public (although I don’t feel comfortable yet to say: hey this is me). Those stories cling to me forever until I give them their own space on the blank paper. If you combine all of this, you get my book blog: my love for books, my love to share them with you and a way to write about it.

Unfortunately, due to certain things happening in my life (you know, like life itself) I don’t always find the time to share my love with you. I want to update regularly, making a dozen schedules to make sure I’d be in time but always never making the deadline. I’m still searching for the perfect dynamic.

This brings me to signing up for Writing101, which is also the reason why I’m writing this. Since I’ve found it complicated to create time to write – and I interpret this word in its loosest definition possible – I figured, this might help me out. Not only do I struggle with writing my own stories, I find myself struggling writing my reviews too.

During the past seven years, I’ve been fighting against a major writer’s block that sometimes disappears for a week. To say it’s frustrating, is an understatement. There are so many ideas swirling inside my head, waiting for an escape and be formed into shape on a piece of paper but for some unknown reason, the moment I settle down to write, those snippets of dialogue and adventures refuse to come out to play with. I write and I write but I write nothing in the end. One chapter easily grows from a thousand words into 32,000 words big as I write, rewrite and start all over again.


That’s my biggest foe.

The aim for this book blog, besides me sharing my love for books, is to help me with writing and growing more confident about it. The difference between my stories and my reviews is the fact that my reviews can be read as soon as they have been written and been polished (as soon as meaning: after eight hours of editing). There’s no time to keep wondering about whether or not it’s perfect. At some point, it has to go into the world. Now. So in that sense, it helps me to take a leap of faith and go for it and I must say, it gets better and better.

And maybe, once I feel confident enough again, I’ll take that jump and sit down with some inspiring music playing in the background. My mug of coffee in front of me and then, I’ll write and slowly shape those roaming thoughts into a story and eventually arrange it into a beautiful production that is my own book.

To walk past a bookstore and see my own work sitting proudly on the shelf in the most beautiful jacket a book can possibly get would be my ultimate dream coming true. I know I’m still a long way from that moment but my book blog is the first step towards it; the first step to grow confident in what I write and learn from the experience.

I truly hope to inspire you with my story one day.


2 thoughts on “Writing101: Unlock the Mind”

  1. I’ve wanted to try Writing 101 and you’re the second person I know who’s doing it right now — it’s made me decide I will definitely do it in the near future! As for what you wrote about wanting to see a book of yours in a bookstore one day, I can see that! You write so well and are great at reading books with a keen eye, so I definitely picture you writing one yourself one day! 🙂

    1. I wanted to try it last time but decided it wasn’t the right moment and I feel more ready to do it now. It’s been fun so far :p And thank you, that’s one of the nicest things someone has told me lately. I am blushing 🙂

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