What’s your favourite accessory?

It’s Question Monday!

Are you excited? I am!! Like I’ve mentioned in my New Years resolutions post last week, I wanted to bring a bit of soul to my blog, sharing some honest answers to a bunch of questions each Monday. The idea is inspired by a book called Q&A a day, created by Potter Style. I decided I wanted to take this self portrait online but instead of answering a question a day, I’ll be answering the questions corresponding with the date on Mondays. If you want to join me, you’re more than welcome to answer the same question in the comments below, or if you feel like sharing your own story on your blog, feel free to do so and link me. I really want you to know me better but this is also about me getting to know you! So please, don’t be shy and join the fun!

Q: What’s your favourite accessory?

Deciding what my favourite accessory is, is a real challenge when you’re being me. I’m not the type of girl to spend a large amount of time in front of a mirror contemplating whether this piece or that matches my clothes or not and no matter how much I wish I could say it’s because I root for inner beauty, the truth is much more sobering. It’s because I’m lazy. I simply can’t be bothered to let my brains function in the morning. The only stress I can handle is locating my clothes and dragging myself towards the bathroom. Yawn. I have an imaginary voice telling me you’re all wondering what the heck I’m talking about…

To answer the question, I had to sit down and think. Hard. Surely, I must have some kind of accessory I can’t live without? I mean, I’m a girl. It’s supposed to be in my genes. Right? And just when I was about to blame my malfunctioning DNA that I don’t have a favourite accessory, my wandering eyes rested upon something shiny: my glasses!

GlassesFor twelve years, I’ve been wearing my glasses every single day. Even back in the days when wearing them was “geeky” and “nerdy” and stupid but that never held me back because I was proud of my four-eyes. Plus, it’s really handy when you have the mother of eye bags taking its permanent residence underneath your eyes. It camouflages! Honestly!!

From left to right:
1. Age: 16, black rectangular glasses 2. Age: 14, red rectangular glasses 3. Age: 15, pink rectangular glasses 4. Age: 18, purple rectangular-ish glasses 5. Age: 20, white rectangular glasses 6. Age: 24, blueish with effects glasses 7. Age: 24, brown with effects glasses 8. Age: 21, brown-yellow glasses

P.S. I don’t think I have a picture of my first pair. Or it was so wrong in so many ways I have deleted them all. They were blue and round. A bit like Harry Potter. This has no significance whatsoever.

What’s your favourite accessory? Do you like scarves? Or a pin? Or maybe it’s a handbag you can’t live without? Or you know, an iPhone can be considered as an accessory. It sure crossed my mind 100 times before I noticed the glasses…

Let me know! x


3 thoughts on “What’s your favourite accessory?”

  1. I’ve had this question bouncing around in my head for a few days. I don’t often wear accessories (partly in support of inner beauty and partly due to laziness), but I eventually came up with an accessory that is probably my favourite. It is a ring made of paua (abalone) shell that I got in New Zealand. It isn’t a fancy ring – I bought it for $3 in the airport – but it is meaningful. When I visited New Zealand, I was in need of the courage to be independent. I tried all sorts of things there – exploring, camping in the middle of nowhere, caving, rock-climbing, and even my first “real”/grown-up job interview – all of which were amazing. I bought the ring on my way out of the country so I would have something I could carry with me to remind me of what I learned on that trip – that I can do anything.

    1. Wow. I love how something as small as a ring can stand for something so amazing. Thank you so much for sharing the story behind your ring. Some objects are with us during a moment in our lives, when we were searching for who we are, and sometimes even found ourselves if only for a moment. To help us remind, whenever we feel lost again that it’s okay for today. There’s always tomorrow.

      Your story behind the ring reminded me of a time when I wore a particular pair of glasses in New York (the photo with the pink dress) and why I haven’t showed anyone any new pictures of myself online until recently. It has a lot to do with the fact NY was a time to forget about all the stuff happening at home and finding a place that was so bright and full of life, that even now I still remember how good the coffee tasted and how buzzing city life was. How desperate I was to get away from home.

      The trip to NY had been a dream since I was 15. My parents gave it as a 21st birthday and graduation present. My first intercontinental journey. And without even the parents. It was crazy and yet, I needed it badly back then by the time I finally got there. I never graduated. I felt lost, four years of my life spent studying for nothing. Not because I wasn’t good but because I didn’t feel it anymore: the reason why I studied the course, the love and passion. I needed to find a new direction, a new passion and experiencing NY, a city with the same capacity as my own country, was insane. I returned feeling confident again, independent. If I could handle NY, then surely I could handle whatever was coming my way back at home. A lot of people have been criticizing me at home because I dropped out during that year. Some still consider me a failure but NY made me realise: dropping out of a class and future that made me hate myself, my life and everything and everyone in it was the bravest thing I could have done.

      So now, every time I feel lost, unconsciously this pair of glasses have been reminding me of that time in NY when people commented on my beautiful pink dress, my glasses. Everyone was so nice to me, something some of my friends lacked during that period. This trip reminds me: I don’t have to walk the path everyone is forcing me on. There’s an entire world waiting for me to try out.

      I don’t know what I really want, just yet, but there’s always the next plane that can help me find who I am and want to become. I do know that I love books, I love writing, I love reviewing the books I read and for now that’s enough. Even though I can’t make a profession out of it (yet), it’s the best hobby. It makes me meet new people, and the world, giving me the experiences I’m hungry for.

      So thank you. I didn’t realise the reason why my glasses are so important until you told me your story 🙂

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