Sweet or Sour? Or why not both?

Hello there! I hope you all had a great start of the new week and that you’re not feeling too tired after a weekend of hardcore partying. It’s been a while since my last Question Monday post but never fear, I’m here now!

I was busy chasing after twelve trains per day on the Monday and Tuesday after Valentine’s weekend. This, combined with a two-day hardcore personal communication course, ended with me passing out for the rest of the week (while I caught up on work from the Monday and the Tuesday – y u c k).

If that wasn’t enough, Carnival arrived in my town and it meant hardcore working for me in a pub for charity for a total of 40+ hours in the space of four days and that in combination with my job during the day. It was awful.

And then I slept (and did my job) and slept some more but I AM AWAKE AGAIN. YAY.

Okay. I should stay away from the sugar. Which I had a lot of the past two weeks to keep me awake. That, and coffee. Especially the coffee.

Anyway, with that said, this week’s question is about sweet and sour. Piece of chocolate cake! Right? Right. Unless you’re me and you don’t know the difference between sweet and sour.

I feel a bit awkward to admit that I can’t distinct the four (or is it five these days?) basic tastes. I know I think sugar is sweet because I know I hope but I don’t actually taste it. If you’d give me a group of ingredients and one’s sweet, one sour, one bitter and one salty then, I’d be able to say what I liked or disliked but I would make an idiot out of myself if I had to group them in the four basic tastes.

There’s a story that had my friends widen their eyes and snort with laughter when they found out that me mentioning I don’t know the difference between the four basic tastes wasn’t an actual joke but quite a serious business.

It all happened about ten years ago when we went to the theatre for the very first time without the parents…

Me: *Spots popcorn and reads there are two possibilities* Erm, sugar or salt….erm what do I take?
Friends: The ones you always take.
Me: *laughs awkwardly* haha, yeah, yeah, but you know is it sugar…or, erm, salt?
Friends: *looking very weird at me at this point* Seriously?
Me: *smiles carefully* Do you remember that conversation when I said I don’t know the difference between salt and sweet, bitter and sour?
Friends: *staring at me as if I’m a ghost* Yeah…
Me: *stares pointedly at them* …. *waits for reaction* Well…I don’t know the difference. So salt or sugar?
Friends: *silent for a second or two* …. *burst into hysterical laughter*
Me: yeah… funny… haha. Now seriously, salt or sugar?!!!
Friends: Take a box and try it out, you’ll figure it out.
Me: *convinced it’s the salt popcorn and takes it with pride, going to stand in the queue.* La-la-la, yummy popcorn *eats* OMG THIS IS HORRIBLE.
Friends: *ROFL*
Me: -____- Shut up.

The thing is, now I know I have to take the sugar popcorn but each time when I see the two options, I dread making a decision because I really have to go by what I can remember and not what I know. Thankfully, my friends are used to my default tongue so when I stare blankly at the popcorn they automatically grab the right one for me. Bless. I knew I had them for a reason. 😉

So, choosing between sweet and sour is a very tough decision because I can’t make the link what’s sweet and what’s sour. Usually, I try to connect the tastes with what I know. A green apple = sour, chocolate = sweet.

Friends: Oh, God, Fien – you’re hopeless. Chocolate is bitter.

Chocolate containing a minimum of 54% cacao is considered bitter and more than 65% is extra bitter. Which is also the only chocolate that could be considered “good for your health” opposed to white chocolate that contains 0% cacao and is in essence, not chocolate to begin with

But whyyyy? It’s sweet in my head. And then I think: coffee = bitter so… HOW CAN CHOCOLATE BE BITTER TOO?! because it’s different!! And argh, see? Do you see my problem?

How can chocolate and coffee be bitter at the same time? It’s just – it gives me headaches.

Do you have the same issue? (Please don’t let me be the only one…I feel like the odd one enough already) Or if (yes, because I am a strong believer I’m not an oddity) you are able to distinct tastes, do you prefer sweet or sour? Or do you like both? Let me know! 

Imagine my biology test when I had to classify food into the four basic taste groups. Such a fail. I still have nightmares.

Have a lovely week! I’ll see you again in the weekend for a book review 🙂


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