I need a hug

Good evening everyone!

I promised you all a book review today, one that I’ve been working on for over a month now because I couldn’t find the right words to describe and explain myself. Surprisingly, after rereading and editing my post from yesterday tonight, I finally managed to come up with the review that I wanted to share with you. I was happy, excited even that despite my head being ready to explode (having a cold/sinusitis), I actually worked out what I needed in a proper, organized review.

When, stupidly, I decided to save my draft before publishing when I normally always copy the text first just to make sure. And I stupidly didn’t do that and received a blank page asking me “to try again please”. So instead of saving the draft, I lost my entire review whichΒ I rewrote entirely tonight.

So instead of giving you a book review, I’m posting this. I’ll be trying to rewrite it from memory in a moment but I’ll need tomorrow evening too. I’m tired and my meds are kicking in (I feel as high as a kite) and I really, really wanted my episode of Grey’s Anatomy tonight.

I hope you all understand. I’m so sorry. 😦



6 thoughts on “I need a hug”

    1. Yay! Hugs!! πŸ™‚ Ah, I feel your pain! Losing your essay is even worse. Right now, this is something for my blog so if I postpone my book review, I’m most likely the only one who is annoyed about it but when you lose an essay that you’ve worked hard on and it’s due soon…I think I’d have a heart failure or something. Especially since it’s important for your grades! I hope it turned out alright?

      Thank you for the hug πŸ™‚ I’m feeling much better today so I feel ready to tackle this book review and get it over with. It also helps that the sun is shining and that everyone seems a lot happier than usual :p

  1. Hi Fien! This has yet to happen to me, for some reasons I’ve been lucky enough for it to autosave even before I save the draft. But this seriously sucks. I know how hard it is to write that perfect review you envision…

    1. I’m glad you didn’t have to go through it before. Never fun. But, you should have seen me today when I was editing the review. I saved it every time I changed a sentence. I’ve become so paranoid, haha! And just when I was to upload my review on An Abundance of Katherines, my internet connection fell away. For a moment I freaked: “no, not again!!” and then realised: “oh, I can be chill about this…I saved it a million times” :p The thing is, my internet changes wifi all the time (have like three different connections at home) so whenever my laptop changes, it doesn’t autosave anything anymore. Somehow my post only recognises the connection I started writing with but I’ve learned my lesson now. I am prepared! :p

      1. If I did, it would have made me paranoid as well. And on the bright side, you’re much more experienced and, yes, prepared when it comes to drafts!

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