The Total Eclipse of My Heart

Today was such an exciting day! I’ve always been fascinated by the elements of nature, ranging from the most frequent meteorological conditions such as rain, wind and clouds, to the more scarier ones such as  hurricanes, tornadoes and lightning (yes, lightning is the scariest because oddly enough, it’s the one thing I fear the most and have a phobia of…annoying when it pretty much occurs a few times every summer).

But today won’t be a blog post on the weather conditions. Nah, I’m taking it a step further and will talk a bit more of a very fascinating event that occurred in our solar system.

And if you haven’t caught the hint in the title yet, then don’t fear because:

TODAY WAS SMILEY ECLIPSE DAY and it happened on International Day of Happiness too!!

Isn’t that amazing? It makes me happy just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, unlike the Faroe Islands and Svalbard (Norway), it wasn’t a total eclipse in tiny Belgium, but it was a very cute one nevertheless. It happened between 10 and 11 am and although some weather reports mentioned a very cloudy day and decreased the chance of a spectacular sight, the clouds turned it into a truly picturesque view!

Taking photos was challenging because I had to wait for the sky to clear out each time and when it did, I had to snap, snap, snap very quickly before the clouds hid the sun and the moon again. It was quite cold while I waited outside but I couldn’t risk missing it when the sun was only visible every few minutes for only a few seconds.

What I liked most about today, aside from the eclipse and this happening on International Day of Happiness, was the fact how it brought people together (and closer). At one point, the neighbours came outside, laughing at me for being crazy (as if I’d see anything) but you should have seen them running inside to get their own photo camera as soon as I pointed out that, in fact, there was something to see! It even made one of our clients, who was passing by on his bike, stop and look up too after he claimed he didn’t care about such nonsense and I excitedly cried out “It’s back!!”.

For one hour, it brought together seven random people who oohed-and-aahed and snapped pictures, playfully fighting for the best shots. For one hour, I forgot about work and everything else that’s been on my mind and it was wonderful.

I absolutely love it when nature does that to me. The best innovator might have created iPhone or Internet, making life easier (but maybe not less complicated??) but nothing can amaze me more than nature proving how great and mighty it is. We are only lucky enough that we are able to witness this and I love, love, love how there’s absolutely nothing that we can do to manipulate it. For a change.

Without further ado, here are some of my pictures! When I went through all my photos for editing, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the cat in Alice in Wonderland. A real Cheshire Cat smile. Enjoy!

A smiley eclipse
A smiley eclipse

Did you witness a total eclipse today or have you seen a smiley one, just like me?


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