The Truth Behind Writing

I write to structure what’s set loose; to release the spiraling thoughts onto paper as one letter after the other creates a pattern, then burst into a cluster of words to finally dance upon the rhythm of sentences and paragraphs.

I write to indulge myself in emotions I’m unable to verbalize and enforce that emotion until it spills, scatters and explodes and the truth of what I feel burdens me but also sets me free all at once.

I write to expres myself. I write to breathe again. I write to cause change and to explore the paths least expected. I write because it releases me.


When I reflect upon the reason(s) why I write and close my eyes to listen to the essence, then I write because I want to tell the story I saw, felt, breathed when reading someone else’s story failed. I write to show you the images I saw when listening to a song, to share the highs I experienced and to take you along on my journey, the journey of the stories still untold in my head.

This post is part of Writing101 hosted by The Daily Post.


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