Writing101: Stuff I Like, Learnt and Wish for

The second assignment of Writing101 hosted by The Daily Post asks to come up with three lists. It made me think: why do we make lists, though?

For one thing, a list helps us to keep organised. It’s visually attractive and can be experienced as less time-consuming as everything can be observed with the blink of an eye. They help us focus and keep us from procrastinating. Lists also helps us to memorize  better and so, come to think of it, making a list of things I like, helps me to remember what I enjoy and what makes me happy. It’s nice to keep this close on days when everything seems to be going wrong and then remember “Hey, you know what? A rainy day makes me happy too!”.

Without further ado, discover what I like now, learnt the past year and wish for in the future! 

The things I Like

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. The colour orange & green
  4. England & Scotland
  5. Discovering the world
  6. My cat Louis
  7. Spending my Friday night home with a book or tv series close at hand
  8. Listening to the sound of rain as it hits the leaves/ground
  9. The warmth on my skin as the first sun rays of Spring touch it softly
  10. Candles

The things I’ve learnt

I’ve learnt many things over the years but the most important lessons have only come to me in the past year. Learning to cope with one of your worst nightmares, teaches you how to look at the world differently; sharper, while not wasting precious time.

– enjoy the little moments
– be open-minded & less self-centered
– everyone has their own reality
– organising is the first step to spending more time on things you like
– to be a good coach starts with being a good listener
– be more patient
– to let it go when I’m disappointed with something/someone

The things I wish for

I used to wish for a lot of things but now they’ve all narrowed down. to one central thought. I never considered these things as important but as a given but now that this given is balancing on the edge of impossibility, they’ve become the center of all my wishes.

– my mum being given more than five years
– my mum being present at my wedding
– my mum holding my first child
– cancer being beaten for once and for all
– writing and publishing my first book (and my mum being there to witness this all as she’s already my biggest fan)
– to grow with my blog
– to be better organised/better planned
– having my own place instead of co-living with the parents
– starting my own family one day

The final list made me realise how close I am with my mum and how scared I am about losing her. I didn’t realise I wanted her at my side for so many little things but I do. This final list also shows my deepest desire, such as writing and publishing a book. It will help me to focus on this goal because I hope to strike this through one day!

What have you learnt the past year? What do you like now? And what do you wish for?


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