Reading: The Invasion of the Tearling

I went through a teeny, tiny reading slump after finishing Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (as you might have guessed from this Currently Reading post, I didn’t particularly enjoy the book) but with my new Netflix account and me binge watching The Tudors and Reign, I realized I’m a huge – and I sincerely mean HUGE – fan of historical fictions, especially when royalty is added to the mixture with a touch of treason so you don’t know whom you can trust anymore (there’s a reason why I’m writing in this genre but I had forgotten how much I’ve loved (and missed) this!!)

That’s what helped me to decide on reading the second book of the Queen of the Tearling series, named The Invasion of the Tearling, by Erika Johansen and my God, AM I IN LOVE WITH THIS! This is a series set in the future with historical features all throughout the story interwoven with a touch of magic. Two kingdoms, two queens, are at war and only the strongest one can win. And, there are a few handsome men present at court. Or in the realm. Whatever. Things like that make me shuffle on the ball of my feet with a mischievous grin on my face, hands linked together behind my back. Oh, and they help me with plotting too. 🙂

And guess what? ROMANCE ISN’T A PART OF THIS STORY (yet?). I don’t know why I’ve put that in capitals as I’m a sucker for love and romance but maybe I love royals kicking ass a lot more, hmm?. I mean, yeah, there’s lust and some (tiny) hints of romance but our young queen, Kelsea, is too busy saving her realm from the invasion of the Red Queen of Mortmesne’s army (not the most original name, I know) than to truly care about romance. Peh-lease. Although, there is a handsome (dangerous?) stranger appearing into her chambers in the middle of the night, offering her something valuable in return for his freedom. And if that doesn’t keep our queen awake, then surely it keeps the Queen’s Guard awake as their protective hands catch our queen each time she…disappears.

I’m not sure if this story is heading towards a full five-star rating though.

There is the one thing that bothers me as it pulls me out of the story each time it happens. It’s not yet clear why it happens – and I’m sure it will be explained at some point – but it’s thrown upon me with such a straight contrast to the world I’m experiencing, it frustrates me, causing me to stop reading for the day. For some reason, I don’t want to read about that particular bit when I’m enjoying Kelsea’s cringe-worthy moments with Pen, which are also so adorable if short-lived. :’)

Question when you’ve read the books: would you say this belongs to Young Adult or Adult?

It’s rated both genres on Goodreads which confuses me. I’d rather put this in an Adult category as there are explicit descriptions, a lot more explicit than I’m used to in YA anyway- but then again, when you consider the age range of YA (16-25ish) I don’t think many readers 18+ would be offended. But I fear that YA is sometimes associated with readers 13+ and then…well, that’s a whole different matter. What are your thoughts on the genre matter? YA or Adult?

Or am I being a prude? HA. I wouldn’t be surprised.


2 thoughts on “Reading: The Invasion of the Tearling”

  1. I kind of think it’s more adult than YA?!? I know Red Rising gets stuck in the “between” category too, but just because a character is a teen (I think Kelsea is 18 isn’t she?) doesn’t actually mean it’s YA! Not that teenagers couldn’t handle it, though, but…eh, what do I know. xD I spent most of my teen years reading middle-grade because i’m apparently opposed to growing up. HEH. Ahem. Anyway, glad you’re enjoying this series! 😀

    1. Yeah, I think it’s more adult too. Growing up is so overrated.
      All the benefits are so not worth it compared to all the responsibilities you get in return, haha! :p
      Thank you for taking your time to reply and visit the blog 🙂

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