Teaser Tuesday #2 – May 2nd: Angelfall

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Purple Booker. It’s as easy as eating brownies to join:

  1. Open the book you are reading on a random page.
  2. Choose two 'teaser' sentences from that page.
  3. Make sure you don't add spoilers in the teaser
  4. My own twist: I select sentences from the page I'm currently reading*

*because I’m human and imperfect, unlike Raffe who’s a walking Adonis on earth, so I have a pile of flaws. And one of them is needing several weeks to finish one single book. I AM THE WORST. #dontkillmeokay 

And onwards we go! I’m working on a title header for this meme but haven’t found the right vibe yet. Which, in all honesty, is one of the reasons why I’m still reading the same book as last week. I predicted this, didn’t I? Maybe I should consider a future into this? Hmm.

I’m almost at the end of this book and whoa, am I rooting for Raffe! I’ve always been a bit skeptical when it comes down to Angel related books (just like I am with faeries) but this one has a few different genres covered all in one book: dystopian, angels, action, political, demons…you name it and it’s probably in here!

To contribute to an action-filled chapter, you may find today’s teaser at 84% on page 273 of THIS edition.

What are you reading this week? You may tease me with two sentences! 😉


4 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday #2 – May 2nd: Angelfall”

    1. Same! I’ve just completed the series (I only read Angelfall and didn’t have the other books until recently, hence the reread) and I have to admit that it had been awhile since I felt so dedicated to start and finish something within days.

      1. Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed the series as well. It doesn’t happen often I read a series all together either, but I remember finishing this one quite quickly.

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