Touched, she is, by the page she turns over. A page that reveals a new adventure in a country she doesn’t know. She is touched by the characters evolving through time and space, as they grow and learn from their mistakes. Touched, by how something so blank, can turn into a whirlpool of emotions: happiness, sadness and excitement but above all, she is touched by the page, because it can show a written word and change it into something that reveals so much more.

Touched by The Page is a book reviewing blog that has started in February 2013, and has since then grown to a blog that’s about more than book reviewing alone.

Not only does Fien love reading books, ranging from Young Adult to Historical Fiction, Thrillers and (erotic) romance, but she loves taking photos of nature or messing around with book covers too (check out her home page). Sometimes, when she feels it’s time to get out her camera and show you all the books she’s been buying, you can find her on her youtube channel too. She aspires to become an author one day but is struggling with the combination of running a family company and enjoying her own leisure time at the moment. By the time she hits the bed (read: working spot), it’s almost nearly always midnight. So for now, she scribbles away to keep up the rhythm and practice and leaves the mad writing hours on her book for the holidays. It’s a process of years but as long as the love for writing is still present, she doesn’t care.

It’s always better to take your time and create something you love, than to rush into something that you end up hating, anyway.

During the summer of 2014, this blogger’s life changed when her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and Fien needed a place where she could let go of all the questions, insecurities and emotions and thus, The Ugly Truth Diaries was created, a six months journey while she dealt with the pressure of taking care of her mother and running an entire company. In March 2016, her mother lost the battle against cancer and died at home, surrounded by the love of her family.

Now, Fien focuses on sharing her love for books and leaving behind the worst years of her life. It’s not always easy and it involves a lot of moments where she has to put herself together and this blog helps her focus on something she is passionate about.

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-25 om 21.27.46
Louis is patiently waiting for me while I update my About page

She has a loyal friend, named Louis, who pretty much appears in almost every photo, video or tweet because he’s simply too cute for words. Not only does he share her love for books but he’s always ready for another boost of blog energy!

If you have a question about something or you want to share your love (and obsessions), don’t be afraid to leave something behind down below in the comments and she’ll respond to you as quickly as possible!

You can also find her on the following social media:

Twitter: @touchedbytpage
Goodreads: Touchedbythepage
Instagram: Touchedbythepage
Youtube: Touchedbythepage


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