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The Summer of Series Challenge

The summer months have arrived and I’m preparing myself for my three weeks holiday in July. Reading will be a huge part of my break and of course, reading is so much more enjoyable when joining a challenge (or two/three/four?). I’ve decided to join the Summer of Series challenge this year, hosted by Danielle from Love at First Page and Lili from Lili’s Reflections.

This summer challenge is to encourage us readers to finish those book series that have been on our TBR shelf for as long as we can remember. The full explanation and requirements can be found here. What’s even more fun, it’s open to everyone! Even tiny Belgium can participate. I’ve experienced quite a lot of bumps on the ride being not a UK/US citizen this year (boo) so I’m thrilled I can join the fun for a change. My gratitude to the ladies!

All I need to do is read and complete a series with a minimum of three books each summer month and if I feel like adding more books that are part of a series to my TBR pile, I can. So without further ado, let me talk you through the series I’ve chosen to read this summer.

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August Book Haul, 2014

Hello everyone,

It’s time for another book haul video! I’m pretending it’s still the first week of September (and not the last…) so maybe you could all try and do the same so I won’t feel entirely bad about my timing. While I was in Rome, I bought an amazing calendar to manage my time (and videos and posts) better so I truly hope that come January I’m super-mega-organised! Maybe I should make that a New Year’s resolution? Ha.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my video and don’t be afraid to leave behind comments. I’m open for new ideas or if there are any topics you’d like to see discussed in future videos or posts, don’t be scared to ask! 🙂

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Review: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Cover by Goodreads

Title: Clockwork Angel
Author: Cassandra Clare
Genre: YA, fantasy
Series: #1 The Infernal Devices
Publisher: Walker Books
DOP: 2011
Pages: 482
Stars: 5/5
ISBN: 978-1-4063-3034-2
Twitter: @cassieclare

After losing her only relative in America, Tessa Gray travels across the Atlantic Ocean to stay with her brother, Nathaniel. The moment she arrives in England, two strangers – The Dark Sisters – are awaiting her arrival. Forced to save her brother’s life, she’s pushed and pulled into a magical world she didn’t know its existence of, quickly learning she’s more than just an ordinary girl. In her quest to find and save her brother from the Downworlders, she meets the handsome dark-haired Will Herondale and his best friend, the kind and pale James (Jem) Carstairs: Shadowhunters.

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare takes you on a new Shadowhunter adventure, set in nineteenth century London. As a fan of The Mortal Instruments, I have to admit I was sceptic about this. I was afraid it would be repetitive and I am pleased to say that wasn’t the case. Just like The Mortal Instruments, the story immediately pulls you into the world of Shadowhunters, Downworlders and demons but the difference between City of Bones and Clockwork Angel lies in the fact that the world is already known by most fans and doesn’t need too much explaining, thus giving Clare the time and space to work out a beautiful, enthralling plot with unexpected twists. For those who haven’t read The Mortal Instruments yet, there are brief descriptions as you go along, providing the right amount of information needed to understand the world at the exact right time, so you don’t have to worry!

And if returning back to a familiar world wasn’t good enough for the fans from The Mortal Instruments, then re-introducing warlock Magnus Bane (or should I say, pre-introducing?) definitely will have made our little hearts beat faster. It sure caused the corners of my mouth to twitch into a smile! Returning names and characters such as the Lightwoods and vampires, de Quincy and Camille, made this book feel complete; as if I’m coming home after a long trip away. Reassuring but fresh.

With the freedom of not having to explain too much, Clare submerges us with detailed descriptions of the city, its culture and mannerisms that suit the time and space of Londoners in 1878 perfectly. A detail I can’t ignore and that shows her dedicated research for this book, are the quotes that can be found at the beginning of each chapter: they fit the era nicely!

Although a lot of the elements within this book feel mundane, the Infernal Devices – based upon reading Clockwork Angel – is so much different compared to its companion: The Mortal Instruments. If you haven’t picked it up yet, then I suggest you do it now! It’s worth your time and the five stars!

Have you read The Mortal Instruments and Clockword Angel? What are your thoughts on the series? Which one do you prefer? Or do you like them equally?