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Review: About a Girl by Lindsey Kelk

Cover image from Goodreads

Title: About a Girl
Author: Lindsey Kelk
Genre: Chick-Lit
Series: #1 A Girl
Publisher: Harper
DOP: 2013
Pages: 402
Rating: 4/5
ISBN: 978-0-00-749800-0
Twitter: @LindseyKelk

Tess Brookes has her life planned out. She works a crazy amount of hours for her job to receive the promotion she’s been dreaming of and although her best friend of ten years Charlie hasn’t noticed her yet, she’s convinced she’ll end up marrying him and live the happily ever after. That is, until the plan falls dramatically apart. After answering a phone call meant for her annoyingly stupid and bitchy roommate Vanessa, Tess decides to take the job and become Vanessa, traveling across the world to Hawaii, leaving the plan behind. What she doesn’t know, is that she’ll find a new Tess in Hawaii, a Tess that might change her life forever.

About a Girl is Lindsey Kelk’s first book in a new series and with her international I Heart-series being a hit, she’s set the bar high; extremely high for herself. Kelk is my favourite Chick-Lit author and with Alex having been my book boyfriend for such a long time, I wondered if Kelk could add another book boyfriend to the list with this brand new series and bring back the humour and adventures I fell in love with in her other books.

Of course, having read Kelk’s other books, I couldn’t resist comparing them, especially when they are all written in the same genre that, like it or not, has a few elements that are bound to reappear. Just like the I heart-series, our protagonist has to deal with her life falling apart, forcing her to reassess previous goals. Instead of dealing with this in a more acceptable and convenient way, the protagonist runs off to a different continent (Angela ran to New York, Tess goes to Hawaii). And just like Angela in the I Heart-series, there’s not one man but two added to the whirlpool of figuring out what to do next in Tess’ life and making everything a tad more difficult.

But that’s where all comparison stops. Whereas Angela tries to forget about her cheating boyfriend and meets two different men in New York, Tess is not forgetting her best friend while she meets cocky but handsome journalist Nick who’s everything that Charlie isn’t. Unlike the I Heart-series where I instantaneously fell in love with Alex, I couldn’t make up my mind between bad boy Nick and cute and loyal Charlie. This time, Tess creates her own mess right from the start, waving a web of lies that she might regret in the end. She will have to face the consequences of her impulsive decisions and whatever may or may not happen, that’s entirely up to you to find out.

Naturally, this wouldn’t be a Kelk book without some added drama that includes “fairy godmuggers” and “cockwombles” and some disrespect to the iPhone industry. Truly inspirational, that Tess. She’s funny and impulsive and loses her train of thought on more than one occasion until Tess believes she can be a person she’s clearly not (e.g. Tess the cocktail drinker and then, expressively retching to show how she’s not a cocktail drinker and won’t become one in the near future). It’s Tess but so much like Kelk too and why I love her books so much.

Kelk combines humour with drama and a few male characters along the journey that, not unlike her other books, About a Girl is the perfect read when you need an escape from reality and want to cuddle on your sofa when it’s snowing outside and you need to remind yourself that there is a place where temperatures above freezing point are possible…and if you come across this series during the summer, take it along for a nice, relaxing beach read!

Once you’ve finished reading this book, you can continue Tess’ adventure in What a Girl Wants, where the story takes place in fashion city Milan.

Have you read this book? Are you team Nick or team Charlie? Who do you think Tess will end up with? Would you choose for a new exciting life or would you rather stick to what you know and feel comfortable with?

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July Book Haul

Although it’s been ready to upload for weeks, it’s finally here now! It wasn’t easy to squeeze in some time to upload the video but since August is almost over, I realised this is long overdue. It’s a video about all the books I’ve bought in July while I was in London.

I hope you like it and please subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to see future videos. Again, if you want to see something in particular in future videos, let me know! Don’t be shy 🙂

P.S. I hope to post a blog entry/video on my trip to London at some time. I’m working on new content for my blog and traveling will be a part of this!

#sunathon: The Experience

Now that the week of #sunathon has been lived, enjoyed and put into our recent past, I thought it was time to give you an overview of how I experienced this lovely readathon, created by Emma Louise.

It brought me joy. Not only do I love reading (obviously) but with everything that’s been going on lately, it gave me an escape. I met a few lovely people who made me laugh throughout the week while we discussed whether or not Harry Potter would describe Voldemort as “the creepiest dude I’ve ever met”, a comment that was based upon Vane from the Sky Fall series by Shannon Messenger describing his nemesis.

Nice fact: I typed in ‘nemesis‘ in my dictionary to make sure I spelled it correctly and this is what it said: a long-standing rival; an archenemy: will Harry Potter finally defeat his nemesis, Voldemort? THAT IS AMAZING. I totally love how Harry Potter is taking over the world. Now getting back ON topic…

Besides me meeting new people, it also was the perfect opportunity to give me the boost that I needed. Most readathons cause me to panic. A lot. They give challenges, and I’m a very competitive person so I try hard to complete them all, but I’ve been failing pretty much everything because of life, which annoys me to the maximum. However, #sunathon was so carefree and was all about the experience to just read, that it helped me to (almost) complete my goal instead of turning me into a crazy-eyed stress ball reading absolutely nothing in the end. I only had 135 pages left to read.

As you can see from the above picture, my goal was to read four books and of course, I’ll be reviewing them. However, with my mum being ill and me pretty much taking care of my dad and making sure the house doesn’t turn into one pile of messy stuff lingering everywhere, I’ll have to spread the reviews over a few weeks to give me enough time to write, reread and edit them.

  • Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger: review on 29th of July OR 30th (depending if I have time to edit it today but definitely this week)
  • Let the Storm Break by Shannon Messenger: review on 5th of August
  • You’re the One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher: review on 12th of August
  • The Single Girl’s To-Do List by Lindsey Kelk: review on 19th of Augst

Can you tell I’m dragging out the buzz from #sunathon to enjoy it for as long as possible? Yes? Well, it’s meant to.

Did you participate in #sunathon? How many books did you manage to read and how did you experience this readathon?

#sunathon – TBR

Yes, it is finally time for #sunathon!

If you missed my previous post explaining this read-a-thon, you can check it out here.

For this read-a-thon, I have selected four books (trying not to be too ambitious here…) that I will attempt to read this week. After last week’s major fail of challenging myself to read seven books for booktube-a-thon (only managed to read one) I’ve decided to narrow it down to four and see how things go (and I’m including my start-and-finish-a-series challenge from Booktube-a-thon).

Moving on to the introducing the books!

    1. The Single Girl’s To-Do List by Lindsey Kelk

I’m a huge fan of Lindsey Kelk and the I heart series (recently started Tess Brookes/A Girl series, also loving it so far!) so I’ve got some high expectations for this one!
Summary: The story follows Rachel Summers who has recently been dumped. Her best friends, Emelie and Matthew, help her to overcome the sadness and give her the Single Girl’s To-Do List, pushing Rachel from one adventure into the other.
Genre: Chick-Lit

2. You’re the One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher

After reading her debut novel, Billy and Me, I’ve been looking forward to reading Giovanna Fletcher’s new book and I’m so happy that I’ll be adding this to my #sunathon to-be-read list!
Summary: Maddy is about to get married to Rob but next to Rob, stands their best friend Ben. The bond the three of them share appears to be unbreakable but when love is suddenly involved, things are changed and Maddy has to decide…
Genre: Chick-Lit

3. Let the Sky Fall (Sky Fall #1) by Shannon Messenger

I’ve read this one last year and was ecstatic to stumble across a story that felt new and fresh and that hadn’t been used a hundred times before. Before continuing this series, I decided to reread this one first.
Summary: Audra is a sylph, also known as a windwalker, and her duty is to keep a close eye on Vane Weston, another sylph, but he doesn’t know anything about his heritage yet. Not until Audra is compelled to summon the Northern wind that leaves behind a trail, warning Raiden and the Stormers of their location.
Genre: fantasy, YA

4. Let the Storm Break (Sky Fall #2) by Shannon Messenger

This is the second book in the Sky Fall series.
Summary: Vane is fighting against treacherous winds that are slipping into his mind while he’s telling lies about Audra and her disappearance. Audra is on the run, protecting herself against the enemy because she possesses a secret power he craves. But then she discovers Raiden’s newest weapon and it might be too much for her to handle on her own.
Genre: fantasy, YA

So that’s all, everybody! Four books in seven days. It’s doable, don’t you think? I think so too. Make sure to tweet/comment/post about your #sunathon TBR-pile and how the read-a-thon is developing this week!

Have a great #sunathon!

Review: I heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk

I heart xmasTitle: I heart Christmas
Author: Lindsey Kelk
Series: I Heart (#6)
Genre: Chick-lit
Publisher: Harper
Pages: 347
DOP: November 2013
Stars: 4/5

Angela Clark is back and ready to celebrate Christmas in New York, Angela style. But then she gets a new job and Jenny’s got the idea she wants to have babies. If that’s not making her panic yet, Alex decides it’s time to grow up and gives Angela an early Christmas surprise. Louisa shows up with Grace, and her parents invite themselves over for the holidays. Angela’s Christmas promises to fall apart and so Angela does what only Angela does well: ignoring it all.

I stumbled upon this series by a friend’s recommendation a few months back but it wasn’t until the Christmas holidays when I started to read the books, and I fell in love straight away! I couldn’t put them down and once I finally managed to get my hands on a copy of I heart Christmas, it happened all over again.

In this instalment, Angela stays in New York, which differs from the previous five books when she travels to a different city each time. At first, I was a bit sceptical. Why change a vibe that everybody knows (and likes)? We already know New York and we had a Christmas (sort of) there as well. So what could Kelk do to make this one different and still likeable for her fans? The answer is simple: this, and the fact that we already know all the characters, gave Kelk a chance to take it up a notch. The daily drama of Angela’s life is still present but Kelk has added more grown-up related issues in this book. Angela’s story became more developed and kicks away from dramas such as exploding Louboutins (I’m still in shock about that though).

Although some of the issues Angela has to deal with are more evolved, it feels as if she’s stuck, making the same mistakes all over again. She isn’t learning nor growing up. She never seems to realise that the decisions she makes, affect other people too and Alex, bless his perfect little soul, puts up with it every time. I’m sure Kelk does this on purpose but I can’t help but hope that Angela stops making rash decisions or acting spontaneously without thinking of others. Otherwise I fear she might become a flat character and she’s already starting to annoy me. It is easy to hide a flat character if there’s only the one book but in a series, people expect growth and Angela doesn’t do any of that.

Besides that, Lindsey Kelk has a cunning way of making my heart swell with love and warmth for Alex (there’s never enough of him in the books). She makes me snort unlady-like at some of the things Angela gets herself into (something to do with a ventilation system) and she makes me laugh out loud in public, earning me the odd stare. But it’s so worth it! I would recommend the series (and the book!!) in case you haven’t read it yet. It’s fun, it’s heart breaking, it’s sometimes ridiculous (in a good way) and Alex is the boyfriend we all want but can’t find. It’s a great book to settle down with after an exhausting day.